Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Our Capacitive Proximity Sensors identify target products because of the targets capability to be charged through electricity. Since the non-conductors of our sensors can retain charges, it implies that any product can be sensed under different processes or conditions. These generally have an internal capacitor plate, current sensor, effective plate in target, dielectric air, DC output, oscillator, and DC supply unit. In our sensors, a circuit is installed that utilizes the provided DC power to produce AC current to estimate the voltage in the interior AC circuit as well as to alter the output circuit when the current of AC changes. The offered Capacitive Proximity Sensors are best for feed and level controlling. From hard material to fluids or granules, these reliably identify the product status amid the final inspection and manufacturing process.
Product Image (EC5525PPAP-1)

EC5525PPAP-1 Flat Type Capacitive Proximity Sensors 50 mm

Price: 6500 INR/Unit

Specifications Rated operating dist. (Sn) 4 to 25 mm factory set at 25 mm Sensitivity Adj. 270 single turn pot.meter Effective operating dist. (Sr) 0.9 x Sn ‰ Sr ‰ 1.1 x S Usable operating dist. (Su) 0.8 x Sr ‰ Sn > 1.2 x Sr Repeat accuracy (R) ‰ 5% Hysteresis (H) 3 to 20% of sensing distance Rated operational volt. (UB) 10 to 40 VDC (ripple incl.) Ripple ‰ 10% Rated operational current (Ie) Continuous ‰ 200 mA No-load supply current (Io) ‰ 10 mA (no load) Voltage drop (Ud) ‰ 2.5 VDC at max. load Protection Reverse polarity, short-circuit, transients

Product Image (LA31MHF)

LA31MHF Leelavati Automation

Price: 1500 INR/Unit
  • Product Type:Microwave sensor
  • Material:Plastic
Product Image (K14E32NSCC5)

K14E32NSCC5 Selet Capacitive Sensor

Price: 8700 INR/Unit
  • Material:ABS
  • Usage:Magnetic Sensor
  • Voltage:10-40 Volt (v)
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Weight:250 Grams (g)
  • Product Type:Sensor
  • Delivery Time:7 Days
  • Supply Ability:500 Per Week
Product Image (EC5525NPAP-1)

EC5525NPAP-1 Flat Type Capacitive Sensor

Price: 8600 INR/Unit
  • Weight:65 Grams (g)
  • Delivery Time:7 Days
  • Supply Ability:500 Per Week
Product Image (K14EG30PO )

K14EG30PO - Cylindrical Selet Capacitive Sensor

Price: 7400 INR/Unit
  • Supply Ability:500 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:7 Days
  • Voltage:20 230 Vca/Vac / 10 30 Vcc/Vdc Volt (v)
  • Product Type:Sensor
  • Input:10 30 Vcc/Vdc / 20 230 Vca/Vac
  • Material:PLASTICO (ABS)

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