Soft Starter Series

Our Soft Starter Series is an instrument utilized alongside AC electrical system to temporarily minimize the torque and load in the electric current surge and power train amid start-up. This process minimizes the mechanical pressure on the shaft, power cables, and motor as well as extends the life expectancy of different systems. These starters comprise clutches and different kinds of couplings utilizing magnetic and fluid forces to transfer torque. The provided Soft Starter Series additionally remove any unrequired side effects from the systems. They ceaselessly regulate the voltage supply amid the start-up stage. In this manner, the motor is modified to the load behavior and functioning equipment is enhanced smoothly. It elongates the service life, smooths workflow and enhances working behavior.

Registered Office:
D-11, Block No. - 4, 3rd Floor, Mira Mansion, Sion Circle, Sion, Mumbai- 400022, Maharashtra, India

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